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Act NOW to save the Edmonds Marsh

by on 03/26/2015

Do you wish to make your opinion known regarding the future of the Edmonds marsh? Tomorrow, Friday, March 27 at 5 PM, is the deadline to submit comments to the Department of Ecology. This concerns the proposed Edmonds Shoreline Master Program (SMP), interim 50-foot riparian buffer, and 100-foot setback, measured from the ordinary high water mark (OHWM). As the buffer and setback are being combined, this is a total of 100 feet of separation of the Marsh, from any development.

The Edmonds Port commissioners have allocated $25,000, of Port taxpayer money, to appeal the Council’s recommendation of a 100-foot setback/buffer from the Marsh. The Port Commissioners are asking the Department of Ecology to retain the current 25-foot setback.

As Council Member Diane Buckshnis has noted: One-hundred feet is the minimum that’s required to obtain federal funds to restore the marsh. Keeley O’Connell, Friends of the Marsh, and Val Stewart, current Planning Board member and environmental activist, support a 100-foot buffer.

Here is a link to the Department of Ecology about the Edmonds SMP:

Please express your support to restore the marsh, by retaining the 100- foot buffer/setback: Send your comments to

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