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Elect Randy Hayden for Edmonds City Council

by on 10/20/2013

I do not support Randy Hayden for the U.S. Congress. I need to make that statement, because some citizens of Edmonds, including some of my recent supporters, are confusing the Edmonds City Council with federal and state offices. Randy Hayden, as luck will have it, is not running for any office other than for the Edmonds City Council. His views on guns, the Affordable Care Act, or the President will have precisely the same effect on the future of Edmonds as his choice for the best Spielberg movie — none.

I do support Randy Hayden for the Edmonds City Council. He desires to conserve the best aspects of Edmonds: current building heights; conserving trees in critical areas; preserving and enhancing the waterfront marsh, for enjoyment by residents and visitors; support for small businesses; and holding small and large developers to our code restrictions. He also supports low-impact development techniques, such as rain gardens and green roofs. And, Mr. Hayden matches my goal of increasing transparency in Edmonds government practices.

Mr. Hayden has been a resident of Edmonds for 25 years, and wishes to preserve the beauty and ambience of our city for future generations. That’s what matters. Randy Hayden for Edmonds City Council.

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