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Re-elect Adrienne Fraley-Monillas

by on 10/18/2013

The saying, “it takes all kinds,” is usually accompanied by a roll of the eyes, but for incumbent Council Member, Adrienne Fraley-Monillas, I mean it in the best possible light. While some of us are more outspoken during Council Sessions, Ms. Fraley-Monillas is adept at collaboration, while still taking a clear stance in negotiations. For example, One of the most difficult issues that faces cities, in these times, is balancing fair pay and benefits for union workers, with the limited revenue available. In her negotiations with unions — rugged work done outside the public’s eye — I believe that all interests would regard Ms. Fraley-Monillas as tough but fair.

In general, my respect for Council Members is based on several criteria: (1) They come prepared. Council Members must sift through a tremendous number of reports, e-mails, oral communications, as well as do our own research. Ms. Fraley-Monillas comes to meetings with a full understanding of the issues. (2) They respect all citizens’ interests. Ms. Fraley-Monillas understands that, while comments during Council Sessions reflect important points of view, thousands of citizens have backed candidates and their stated viewpoints during the election period. (3) They understand that sometimes the best interests of business owners and of the pro-development advocates are aligned with the best interests of Edmonds’ citizens, and sometimes they are not; Ms. Fraley-Monillas takes pains to understand the difference. Despite tremendous pressure to favor development to the detriment of the ambiance of our city, Ms. Fraley-Monillas consistently casts her votes on behalf of the citizens. (4) They know when to hold ‘em, when to fold ‘em. Not every issue needs to be debated forever. Sometimes, the citizens have clearly spoken (in elections, comments, e-mails, and other forms of communication), and we should move on. I could learn something from Ms. Fraley-Monillas is that regard. (5) They understand that Edmonds is a gift of nature, and of previous generations of stewards. Ms. Fraley-Monillas’s votes balance the immediate needs of our city with stewardship for future generations.

While I don’t always vote with Council Member Fraley-Monillas, I have always found her open to discuss differences and her reasoning behind her votes. She is a model of courtesy, collaboration, and balance. I believe that her role on the Council is essential, and I back her 100 percent for re-election.

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