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The Chamber of Commerce Forum – My Statements

by on 10/05/2011

The Edmonds Chamber of Commerce sponsored a candidates forum on this last October 3. Watch the whole video and read my opening and closing statements:

Opening Statement

I’m Joan Bloom and I’m deeply involved in Edmonds: I‘ve lived here for 26 years. My husband and I raised our son and our daughter here. I run a care consulting business from my office that’s a block from the Downtown post office.

I’ve always been engrossed in the civic life of Edmonds, doing all the things that families do, and in the last seven years, I’ve been involved in the issues that come before city government. I have participated in council meetings, boards, ad hoc groups, committees, and community discussions.

Even in this difficult economy, I believe that Edmonds can prosper, but only if we work together to develop a plan that will value, preserve, and enhance both the esthetic AND commercial advantages of Edmonds. The beauty of Edmonds is obvious, and we should do nothing to compromise the attributes of the bowl, including downtown businesses and the waterfront. We also have the neighborhoods — Firdale, Westgate, Perrinville, Five Corners — and a commercial corridor, HWY 99 that links us to other towns.

Each area requires a different model of development that supports its nature. Highway 99, for instance, could support vibrant commercial activity, higher-density residential, and job opportunities. The neighborhoods, on the other hand, would need support services unique to residential needs. Finally the bowl area should provide the cultural core for vibrant, high quality community life so natural for Edmonds.

I think we can preserve what works for us, while using our imagination to create new economic opportunities.

Closing Statement

I am running a grass-roots campaign, as I have pledged to keep my campaign donations and expenses below $5000. To that end, we print campaign brochures on our own printer, and we’ve re-purposed a small number of used campaign signs, by painting over them.

I have no agenda other than the economic health and well being of Edmonds. I have chosen to run for office because I think I can add a broad community point of view. As a candidate, I am independent of any organization or group. If I’m elected, the only campaign promise I will need to keep is to look after the health of the city.

I believe that council members should be stewards, not politicians. I hope to be elected so that I can serve as a steward of the public funds, the environment, our historical assets, and our infrastructure.

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