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Unintended Consequences

by on 04/24/2007

Our cats are dumber than a bag of hammered U.S. Senators. Every spring, despite the many times we’ve informed them that we prefer pasta and chicken, our cats bring us mice and rats. We dispose of these contributions in secret; we don’t like to appear ungrateful. Thankfully, the rodent population has greatly diminished over the 11 years that we’ve had our cats. Hmm, I wonder why.

Even those who dislike cats, or think of them as just nuisances, may have heard of the law of unintended consequences, which states that actions of people, and more so, of governments, always have unintended and unanticipated effects. According to this law, actions taken that were meant to remedy lesser problems create far greater ones. Here are a couple of well-known examples: The common use of pesticides creates increasingly robust insects. Unnecessary prescriptions of anti-bacterial medications creates higher-resistant bacterial strains.

If Edmonds does forge ahead and pass a leash law for cats, I’d like to suggest we modify our city mottoes to the following:

Fined, yourself in Edmonds — for letting your cat out.

Edmonds — the friendliest city, to vermin.

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