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Public Safety, First

by on 10/31/2013

Do we think up projects primarily to give our Public Works Director and City Engineer something to sink their spreadsheets into, because I don’t know another reason why the City should consider yet another mega-project, when a modest one can solve a crucial problem — getting emergency vehicles to the waterfront.

The Mayor and staff are promoting a plan that includes changing the very nature of the waterfront, a plan that could include building an expensive tunnel under the tracks, moving the ferry dock, and possibly even moving the Senior Center. We're talking tens of millions of dollars in State funds, with a solution that will arrive five to ten years from now. It will be fun living in a construction site for years.

The first step will be explained as asking the State for (merely) two million dollars to study the options. Remember how this goes: Today: “It's just a study.” Tomorrow: “We spent all this staff time and money on the plan, and can't throw that away.” Sound familiar? Keep that in mind when you hear the mantra — “It's just a study.” This is the same song as the Port proposal — getting us used to the idea of building on the waterfront — the band is just taking a break between sets.

There's an alternative that doesn't move the Senior Center, doesn't move or expand the ferry dock, doesn't dig an expensive tunnel under the tracks, and doesn't obstruct the business and recreational interests on the waterfront for years — a simple emergency vehicle and pedestrian overpass. At a fraction of the cost.

If the Council and Mayor can unite on a plan, our state legislators are ready to support our decision. But we do not have the luxury of time to come up with a plan that solves ferry and train access, as well as emergency access. Voice your opinion at the November 4th public hearing, or by email to

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  1. victor permalink

    yup – “it’s just a study”, also “it’s just a plan” – pass it now …

    it looks like there are several hearings happening monday – same time, same place?

    it’s really “interesting” – with all the people that live in the area – we need to spend two million dollars on a “study” from professionals…???

    can’t put out notices for artists and creative folks to come up with plans…??? (they might put enough $$$ in the correct pockets)

  2. Randy Hayden permalink

    Your plan is to logical and efficent, they would never pass it. Something needs to happen now not 2 years down the road and 2,000,000.00 later.

  3. Victor,

    Thanks for your comments. The public hearing is on Monday, Nov 4, not Tuesday, the evening Council usually meets, because Tuesday is Election Day. So, it’s not same time, same place. Hope to see you there on Monday. You can find the agenda at later this afternoon.

  4. Victor permalink

    will see what i can do :-)

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