Why I Left the Council Meeting Early

Don't bite my finger, look where I'm pointing

-Warren McCulloch

An Edmonds citizen requested that I explain why I left the Council meeting, of January 29, 2012, before it was over. His concern may have stemmed from the characterization of events reported on MyEdmondsNews.com: “As angry Bloom leaves meeting, Council punts Harbor Square issue to next week.”

Apparently, I'm not a frustrated Council Member trying to shine light on what I believe to be serious financial, environmental, safety, and quality-of-life concerns regarding the Port's proposed Harbor Square Master Plan. No, I'm starring in a soap opera.

I left the meeting not, as MyEdmondsNews.com reported, as "Council punts," but following a lengthy, contentious discussion, and after our decision had been postponed to February 5th. In yet another attempt to get answers to what I felt was being glossed over, I had asked many questions of Port Director, Bob McChesney, and of the City staff and our attorney. I was exhausted and informed Council President Petso that I needed to leave.

There was only one agenda item left to discuss, one that I knew had the four votes to pass; my presence would not have made a difference. Aside from those missed minutes, I have a perfect attendance record in Council meetings.

Did I show frustration during Council proceedings? Guilty as charged. Did I leave in a huff, shirk my duty, or kick a puppy? If you care about faux soap operas, or the Harbor Square proposal, you can decide for yourself by watching it here.