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by on 06/10/2011

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  1. Joan –

    Thank you for stepping forward to serve the Citizens of Edmonds. Your candidate platform and agenda speaks directly to what Edmonds Citizens need and expect of their elected government officials.

    You got my VOTE!

  2. Scott Mallory permalink

    Having known Joan Bloom for 10 years and witnessed her engage with City Government over the years, Joan is the closest thing you will find to a true representative of the citizens.

    Vote for Joan of ARC – Accountability, Responsibility, and Civility

  3. Joan will protect the right of citizens to appeal bad land-use decisions to the city council. D.J. Wilson voted to end this right. We need Joan to preserve the right of citizens to appeal land-use decisions to the council.
    -Dave Orvis
    Former Edmonds City Council member

  4. Barbara Tipton permalink

    Citizens of Edmonds; here is a copy of my endorsement of Joan’s candidacy as submitted to the on-line myedmondsnews:

    ” I am absolutely delighted to hear that Joan Bloom has announced her candidacy for City Council. I have worked with Joan on the Citizens’ Advisory Transportation Committee for two years, and I have concluded that she is a very creative thinker who really cares about this city and its issues. For example, Joan came up with an idea to have a shuttle bus that would transport residents and visitors to the various urban centers (i.e. 5-Corners, Westgate, Perrinville and so forth. In addition, Joan is very passionate about the environment and has done much to bring the city’s attention to the destruction of the wetland in her neighborhood. Joan is now serving on the newly created Citizens Tree Board and brings her environmental expertise to the table. I know that Joan does not make decision based on political rationale. That is another reason that she would contribute much to the council. So, I will jump on the Joan of ARC bandwagon. I hope you will join me.”

    Joan has high principles, honesty, and she listens to people’s concerns and points of view. These are very refreshing qualities!

  5. Ron Bussiere permalink

    I am more than happy to endorse and support Joan for city council. Joan has no political aspirations other than she cares deeply about our city. She is simply a concerned citizen like many of us. Joan is a strong advocate for transparency – a very real problem in our city that needs corrective action. I believe she will always put citizens first in all the decisions she makes and will not remain silent when she sees anything going on that is not in our citizen’s best interest. Joan has my vote.

  6. Robert Haverlock permalink

    Thank you for stepping up, and representing all of us in Edmonds! Its about time to bring in fresh ideas and transparency to city government. I have had a chance to work with Joan on local environmental issues and had gained quite a bit of knowledge. She ‘s already involved in a sense, as she is already part of the newly created tree board in Edmonds. Now go get em!

  7. Denise Hie permalink

    Often when we hear others speak, who are involved in some form of politics, we can hear between the words, the desire for power. Having visited with Joan over the years, first as fellow parent in the community, and later as a friend, what became evident to me was that my magnetism to her was developed over time due to her interest in politics coming from her heart, and her desire for the health and well-being of Edmonds. It is for that reason that I am pleased to endorse and support Joan for city council. Her mark on the city of Edmonds has been a positive one.

  8. Susan Blalock & Al Lyon permalink

    We enthusiastically add our names to the long list of people endorsing Joan Bloom for Edmonds City Council. Without question Joan will bring responsible and transparent fiscal leadership, intelligent stewardship of our community resources and natural environment, and a strong vision for Edmonds’ future. Her experience as a small business owner working on behalf of the elderly and disabled, and her many years of civic involvement in our community, make Joan an excellent candidate. We can all rest assured that Joan’s leadership will reflect her passion for citizen participation in government, rather than self-interest, as is too often the case in politics. Thank you, Joan, for all you do! – Susan Blalock & Al Lyon

  9. Susan Bauer permalink

    I’m voting for Joan because of her passion for & solid research of many difficult issues that effect our city’s future. I imagine she will be a ‘breath of fresh air’ after the incumbent’s term. And after the recent month’s grandstanding and to-the-brink-of-collapse ‘showdowns’ in national politics, I, for one, could really use such a representative!

  10. Patrice Raplee permalink

    Joan clearly wants to work for the people of Edmonds and not become a career politician, such as DJ Wilson, who has demonstrated his views; those views do not protect or reflect the people of Edmonds. My husband and I are voting for Joan because it is high time we had a representative that cares about our neighborhoods and provides transparent, responsible economic leadership. In addition, it is time for the people of Edmonds to pay attention and make an informed decision about the candidates they vote for; no more career politicians and wolves in sheep’s clothing!

  11. Ray Martin permalink

    Joan is an individual with the nicest sense of personal honor. As such she is in stark contrast to her conniving and devious opponent. Marge and I are therfore proud to her endorse her candidacy.

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